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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission- Answer Sheet Instructions to candidates

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission- Answer Sheet Instructions to candidates


1.Read the Instructions to the candidates given in the Memorandum of Admission (Hall Ticket) issued

for this examination and also the instructions given below and sign in the right bottom box of Page-2,

before the commencement of examination. Further, after verifying all the details on completion of

examination, you shall also sign in the appropriate box in Part-II of Page-1.

1 II

2.Before using the OMR Answer sheet, verify your personal details viz., Register No., Name,

Photograph, Name of the Recruitment/ Post, Subject Name, venue etc., printed in Part-II of the answer

sheet. If any of the details is found to be incorrect, report to the room Invigilator immediately.

3. *Use only black ink ball point pen for shading and writing all details in the OMR answer sheet.*

4.  *You should not sign anywhere in Part-I* of the OMR answer sheet. However, you have to  *affix your left hand thumb impression in the space provided at the bottom left of the Part-I, after the examiaton is over.

5.Immediately after affixing your thumb impression, clean your thumb neatly, so that ink impression

shall not be printed in any area of the Answer sheet. If the ink is found in any other part of the answer

sheet, amounting to disclosure of identity, your answer sheet will be invalidated.

6.Do not make any stray marking or write anything irrelevant on any side of the answer sheet, including the track portion. Do not tamper with the barcode printed in the answer sheet. Remarks

other than the answer will be treated as revealing your identity and upon physical verification if such

remarks are found, the answer sheet will be invalidated. , ,

7.In Section-II, the Question Booklet Number should be written and the corresponding bubbles should

be shaded. The Question Booklet Number shaded by you in the bubble will be treated as final. If the

Question Booklet number is not correctly shaded, the Answer sheet will be invalidated.

8. *You should shade any one of the bubbles for each question. You should shade (E) if you do not know the answer.* If none of the options is shaded for any of the questions, your answer sheet will be invalidated.

9.Correct method of shading the answer

10.In Section-III, the total no. of As, Bs, Cs, Ds and Es

shaded as answers should be written in the boxes and the

corresponding bubbles should be shaded. Total no. of

As+Bs+Cs+Ds+Es shaded should be equal to the total

number of questions printed in the question booklet. 15

minutes extra time will be given after the examination

exclusively for this activity. In case of any difference

between the actual shading and abstract of the total count

of As,Bs,Cs,Ds, and Es, *5 marks will be deducted from the total marks obtained.*

11. *Section- IV and V are to be filled by the Invigilator.*

If the candidate is

absent, Section-I of Part-I should be scored out and signed across the *Section-I by the invigilator with red ink ball point pen only.*




In Section-V of Part-I and Part-II, the invigilator should shade

(P) if the candidate is present and (A) if the candidate is absent with black ball point pen only.


In Section-IV, the Invigilator should write the same number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds & Es in the corresponding

boxes as shaded by the candidates in Section-III (b) and the

total shall be written in box of Section-IV.

12.In case of a presentee candidate, the invigilator should

sign and certify in bottom of Part-I after ensuring that one of

the bubbles has been shaded for every question.

13.It is your responsibility to ensure that all the particulars

are filled correctly by you.


I certify that I have read all the instructions given in the answer sheet and hall ticket.

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